Cloud Pricing Comparison: AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud vs X? Which offer is the best in 2023?

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Our tool lets you compare, sort and visualize the price data of the largest cloud providers for you. What is the best price for my small VM? Which cloud provider has the most compelling offer for my region? Am I over-paying for my virtual machines? Should I switch my cloud provider? Find it out. We have this information on speed dial.
In the future we plan to include also the prices of databases, Kubernetes Clusters, S3 storages and other commonly used cloud services in our cloud pricing comparison. If you are a cloud provider and want to get listed just drop use a message. We are happy to connect new cloud users with exciting cloud providers.

To make it easier we have compiled a selection of the most common VM instance sizes. Scroll below

This cloud pricing comparison is created by using information from public sources and vendor APIs and is reported as a journalistic effort to cover the ever-evolving cloud market.